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2016年は"Beauty of China”、

2017年からは”Exploring the World"をテーマに、


個展・全国巡回展「Amazing Moments」(2017年) 、

「Grace of Light」(2019年)をソニーイメージングギャラリー等で開催。

写真集「GRACE OF LIGHT」出版(日経ナショナル ジオグラフィック社, 2018年)


「Save the Sight, Share the Light」に取り組んでいる。  


Born in Guangdong Province, China. Currently resides in Tokyo.

full-time office worker.

Purchased her first ever SLR camera, α7, to take pictures of workplaces. Enchanted by the beauty of a snow-covered field she encountered in Hokkaido in 2015, began photographing the emotional moments of natural landscapes. 

Been chasing the beauty of China since 2016 and extended photography theme as "Exploring the World" from 2017.

Solo photo exhibition ”amazing moments” (2017) "grAce of lighT"  (2019)

were both held in Sony Imaging Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.

First photo book "grAce of lighT"  was published by national geographic in japan, Nov 2018.

Have been working on her personal donation project "Save the Sight, Share the Light" that delivers light to blind children around the world.

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☀️Speaking language☀️ English/Japanese/Chinese/Cantonese

feel free to contact me :)

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Something more about me...

Working as a producer in Advertising Agency, I met my first camera, Sony α7 in 2015, just to record every single happening in tvcm shooting or press conferences in the working location. I never expected, or thought I would fall in love with recording the beauty of mother nature, right after I visited Hokkaido, Japan, amazed by the vast and awesome snowing earth, never to mention the sun dusk dancing and shining between the morning sunlight.

I even didn’t have any idea about what is “ISO” at that time. 1 year later, 2016, I traveled with my parents to Guilin, China, which, changed all my views towards “Photography” as well as my following works. Inspired by those amazing mountains with perfect weather, it was the first time for me to have a thought, to create a traditional Chinese ink-painting style of China mountain photography rather than a colorful, high contrasted, saturated and sharp image.

It was the beginning of my photography life journey.

2017, after exploring 8-day adventure in Norway, I couldn’t find any word to express how excited and inspired and more importantly, happy I felt, to discover and capture those amazing moments of nature after having a deep hiking...those unexpected adventure was to me,  like a brand new page,  a big turning point, since I have seldom done any outdoor activities by then.

I believes, all experience I had, with all people I met in my life gave me powerful and continuous motivity, a motion to move on,  and keep exploring the world.

At the same time, the never-stopped world discovery and inspiring adventure give me incredible experience back that reflect all in my travel photography. It is the love for travel, love for nature, passion for life that bring me up to a person I am being now.

To me,  Photography is a lifestyle with passion and adventure now.

Just keep going, never stop moving on!