Xiapu - KYON.J

Life Graphics

They are actually crab farms in Fudin city, Fujian province of China, famous for their large, irregular circular fences crossing over the sea.
I went there last summer, on an extremely hot day, with maximum temperature at around 40 degrees outsides, squatting on hilltop for almost 3 hours to wait for the local fisherman coming inside the farm. Thanks for the weather of nearly no wind, the sea was as calm as a mirror with fence reflection clearly on the water surface. I kept on waiting, waiting, waiting, just for the composition in which the fisherman swung his boat into one of the entrances in the farm.
Since this moment happened almost at noon, sunlight turned very hard, which even overexposed and faded out those colorful fences. That gave me a thought to shoot in black and white. After giving it a try, I was amazed by this black-and-white world with geometric patterns, like a maze, waiting for the man to explore the unknown world in front, which is to me, a “life” itself.